Practical Experience

You want to get some work experience and learn about the real hospitality work world. VPC finds you work experience and allows you to meet industry professionals in their work environment.

Work Experience VPC believes that real-life industry experience is a vital part of a hospitality education. Each student has the opportunity to apply for a practicum (unpaid work placement) or a co-op (paid work experience) component. The practicum is completed while the student is in school, whereas the co-op is completed during a non-study semester. Practicum and co-op allow students to apply what they are learning in classes into a real world environment. After completing the practicum or co-op, students are often hired by the host company.

Training and Development for the Hospitality Industry is designed to help students prepare for the next step of their lives after completing their studies at VPC. It combines group and individual components to provide the opportunity for students to develop soft skills through workshops while enabling them to prepare career and/or education plan and to set goals. Students will also practice writing effective resumes and cover letters and interviews. Strategies and tactics for obtaining employment will be developed as well as critical thinking skills.

Industry Contact Hospitality guest speakers and industry functions offer exciting opportunities for students to network with industry professionals. Regular field trips and industry-related class projects give students the chance to gain a deeper understanding of hospitality and to explore potential career opportunities. Students in their graduating semester attend a networking function with industry leaders, submit their resumes, and go through a mini-interview process.