Senior Living Management Certificate


The increase of senior demographics, number of retirement communities and seniors’ care facilities in British Columbia and Canada has inspired Vancouver Premier College to offer Senior Living Management Certificate. The management program was created with the combined efforts between Vancouver Premier College and the British Columbia Seniors Living Association (BCSLA) Board of Directors. It is now available by attendance at the college and the diploma can be completed in less than a year. The increased demand for employees with the required qualifications has prompted VPC and BCSLA to create a program that covers all aspects of a retirement community. The curriculum was designed to prepare students for a great career in this growing industry.

Curriculum and Program Description

  • SLM 100 Operations of Retirement Communities

This course presents a general overview of a retirement community’s ventures with sufficient details for students to understand each department’s operations. The students will also be presented with the connection between departments and how they support one another. Case studies and current real-world examples help students learn the role of each staff member in maintaining high-quality personalized service and ensuring the safety of residents. 6 weeks 3 credits

  • HRM 350 Contemporary Human Resources Management

An organization’s success, especially in hospitality, depends on people. Employees are central to achieving a competitive advantage and organizations realize the power of dynamic human resources management. This course covers strategic human resources issues confronting organizations. Students will understand the HR processes employed to achieve an organization’s objective. Contemporary Human Resources Management will capture an in-depth look into the orientation, training and development of employees in the Canadian workplace. Recruitment and the foundations of selection will be covered. Students will be introduced to diversity and employment equity with discussions covering employee rights, ethical issues, and health and safety in the workplace. 6 weeks 3 credits


This course will help students meet the challenges of communicating both orally and in writing. Activities include scripting effective business letters, informal reports, and other business correspondence including memos and e-mails. Opportunity will also be given in each class to review and improve English language and grammar skills. Students will develop problem solving skills for success in the workplace and respond to a variety of realistic business communication situations by writing assignments, delivering presentations, discussion and role-play. 6 weeks 3 credits

  • HGM 304 Leadership & Management in the Hospitality Industry

In this course, students will learn how to improve their leadership abilities and develop an understanding of high-performance teams and employee empowerment. Case studies will provide students with an understanding of cultural change. The focus of the course is on how to implement quality management tools to enhance service and increase business. 6 weeks 3 credits

  • SLM-WEXP 48 Practicum experience in a BCSLA retirement community member location in the Lower Mainland, BC

40 Hours – Specific requirements are needed

  • SLM 101 The Concept of Selling to Seniors

Students will be presented with strategies to develop a strong and consistent occupancy marketing program. The strategies within this book will also provide your new or current salesperson insight into the senior mindset and how to strategically sell your retirement community. 4 weeks 2 credits

  • SLM 102 Healthy aging and the aging process

This course will provide students with a solid understanding of how aging affects the individual and society. Incorporating recent Census data, this text explores the challenges modern society faces with a rapidly aging population. Issues such as health care and social security are explored. New pedagogical features throughout the text allow the student a better understanding of how the topic relates to their lives and society as a whole. 4 weeks 2 credits

  • SLM 103 Food and Nutrition for Senior Living Communities

This course will outline the basic elements and importance of nutrition and the human body. It will also encompass the primary function of vitamins and minerals within the body. Other key content areas that will be focused on are fluid and electrolyte balance, antioxidant function, bone and blood health, and energy metabolism. Students can easily grasp this conceptual framework for understanding the role nutrients play in the body’s overall health. 4 weeks 2 credits

  • Workshops 3

Emergency First Aid, Foodsafe Level 1, Serving it Right

Program Outcome

Students in the Senior Living Management Certificate program should achieve the following objectives:

  • An understanding of the overall operation of a retirement community
  • Applying principles of leadership and management in the operation of a senior living community
  • Demonstrating a general understanding of senior living sales, marketing and brand positioning
  • Recognizing the importance of outstanding resident service quality, employee-resident relationship, and ethics
  • Establishing effective written and interpersonal communication skills
  • The importance of goal setting and team-building
  • Developing an awareness of the various career opportunities and options within the senior living industry
  • Understanding the retirement living industry from the seniors’ perspective
  • Appreciating the demographics including family members and their impact on our industry

For more information or inquiries, please contact Sam Zeitoun, our Senior Living Program Coordinator at or 778-686-3775