International Hospitality Management Diploma

An English- intense base of training in the first two semesters prepares students whose first language is not English to be successful and develop confidence working in English- speaking hospitality work environments around the world. This program incorporates the curriculum from Educational Institute (EI) of the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) and the core curriculum of the BC Provincial Hospitality Management Diploma Program, with an emphasis on improving English language skills required by the international hospitality industry.  

English Preparation Courses: Level I ENGL 098 (non-credit) – English Communication I, Reading & Comprehension I, and Writing I

Level II ENGL 099 (non-credit) – English Communication II, Reading & Comprehension II, and Writing II Certification at Completion:

  1. Hospitality Management Diploma from Vancouver Premier College of Hotel Management
  2. Hospitality Management Diploma from American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute(AHLEI)
  3. Hospitality Operations Certificate From AHLEI
  4. Certificate of Specialization in Food & Beverage Management from AHLEI
  5. Certificate of Specialization in Rooms Division Management from AHLEI
  6. Twelve (12) Course Certificates from AHLEI
  7. Two (2) Workshop Certificates
  • Foodsafe Level I
  • Serving It Right

Note: Curriculum is subject to change without notice.

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