International Hospitality Management Diploma

An English- intense base of training in the first two semesters prepares students whose first language is not English to be successful and develop confidence working in English- speaking hospitality work environments around the world. This program incorporates the curriculum from Educational Institute (EI) of the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AH&LA) and the core curriculum of the BC Provincial Hospitality Management Diploma Program, with an emphasis on improving English language skills required by the international hospitality industry.  

English Preparation Courses: Level I ENGL 098 (non-credit) – English Communication I, Reading & Comprehension I, and Writing I

Level II ENGL 099 (non-credit) – English Communication II, Reading & Comprehension II, and Writing II Certification at Completion:

  1. Hospitality Management Diploma from Vancouver Premier College of Hotel Management
  2. Hospitality Management Diploma from American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA)
  3. Hospitality Operations Certificate From AH&LA
  4. Certificate of Specialization in Food & Beverage Management from AH&LA
  5. Certificate of Specialization in Rooms Division Management from AH&LA
  6. Twelve (12) Course Certificates from AH&LA
  7. Two (2) Workshop Certificates
  • Foodsafe Level I
  • Serving It Right

Note: Curriculum is subject to change without notice.

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