Partnerships for Higher Education in Hospitality

Many VPC graduates have successfully continued their education in higher-level diploma or degree programs with a business, hospitality, or tourism management focus. Transfer options to various private and public universities and colleges are possible through articulation (transfer) agreements or through the standard admissions process. VPC can contact any institution that interests you to help you in the application process and to discover opportunities for credit transfer. Please contact us for more information.

In Canada

British Columbia Institute of TechnologyBC, Canada VPC graduates can enter BCIT’s one year Business Management Advanced Diploma program.Completion of the Business Management Advanced Diploma will allow students to enroll in BCIT’s one year Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree program. The BBA degree emphasizes critical and strategic thinking and provides students the opportunity to be better prepared for career advancement by enhancing the skills developed in their diploma programs at BCIT and VPC.

Capilano University, BC, Canada VPC graduates are awarded UP TO 57 transfer credits towards Capilano University’s Bachelor of Tourism Management degree program. This means that accepted students are required to complete an additional 63 credits (or two years) of coursework to receive the Bachelor’s degree at Capilano. To be accepted into the Bachelor of Tourism Management degree, applicants should complete an interview at Capilano University, submit a Letter of Interest, have a GPA of 3.00, and get a letter of reference from a VPC instructor. International students will need proof of English language proficiency.

Trinity Western University, BC, Canada VPC graduates can transfer 60 credits towards TWU’s Bachelor of Arts in Leadership program. Students will complete the remaining 63 credits of the management-focused and job-oriented degree program in 16 months at TWU. Graduates of the BA Leadership program find jobs in business, government, health care, education and not-for-profit organizations. Graduates are also eligible to continue their studies in a Master”s program at any post-secondary institution in North America.

Vancouver Community College, BC, Canada VPC graduates may transfer credits towards the Bachelor of Hospitality Management degree program offered by Vancouver Community College.

Vancouver Island University, BC, Canada VPC graduates are awarded 60 transfer credits towards Vancouver Island University’s Bachelor of Hospitality Management degree. The successful transfer student is required to complete an additional 60 credits plus an industry internship placement. An interested student should apply through the VIU website, submit a letter of support from VPC faculty or Hospitality Industry leader, and have a GPA of C+. For further information please contact the Chair of Hospitality Management program at Vancouver Island University.

In Switzerland

Glion Institute of Higher Education, Glion/Bulle, Switzerland VPC graduates gain entry to Semester 4 and will be awarded the Associate Degree in Hospitality Administration after one academic semester. A variety of Bachelor of Arts degrees in hospitality with 7 majors to choose from, are also offered after two more academic semesters and one internship semester. After the Bachelor’s Degree students can continue their education for another year towards a Master’s of Business Administration in Leadership or Marketing or to a Master of Science in International Hotel Finances

International Hotel Management Institute, Lucerne, Switzerland VPC graduates will be accepted into semester 5 (of a 6-semester program) of the Bachelor’s Degree in International Hotel Management or the Bachelor’s Degree in International Hotel and Tourism Management. Students have the option of continuing on for one more semester to complete an MBA in International Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Les Roches, International School of Hotel Management, Bluche, Switzerland VPC graduates can transfer credits to Les Roches. Students will be awarded a Diploma in Hotel Management after completing semester 4 and two internships. Only one internship is required for students who wish to continue with semester 6 and 7 semesters towards a Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration with a major in Finance, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Innovation & Sustainability, Culinary Business Management, Event Management or Spa & Health Management. After the Bachelor’s Degree, students can go on to a one-year Master’s Degree program in Business Administration.

Swiss Hotel Management School, Caux/Montreux, Switzerland  VPC graduates are guaranteed entry into Term 5 at SHMS (year three first semester). After completing Term 5 and an internship, students will be awarded the Swiss Higher Diploma in Hospitality Management (with various major options). With just one more term of study (Term 6), students can complete the British/SHMS Bachelor’s Degree in International Hotel Management (with various major options). Upon completing the Bachelor’s Degree, students can continue for another year of studies to complete the British Master’s of Arts (with various major options).

César Ritz CollegeLe Bouveret/Lucerne/Brig, Switzerland   Successful graduates of VPC Hotel Management Diploma enter term five of the eight terms Bachelor of International Business program. Each term is 11 weeks and VPC students are required to complete one five months paid internship in order to graduate with a Bachelors in International Business. Students can further enhance their academic qualifications by pursuing a Masters of Arts in International Business in Hotel and Tourism Management or Master of Science in International Hospitality Management. 


Johnson & Wales University, Rhode Island, USA Please note the following: 1. Most programs only accept applications from graduates who complete the Hospitality Management Diploma program at VPC. 2. Students may need to meet further entrance requirements for some programs. 3. Articulation (transfer) agreements mentioned above are subject to change without notice.