Extended Hospitality Management Diploma

16 months (without work experience) 63 credits. Elevate your career opportunities with the Extended Hospitality Management Diploma. This program allows for students to gain practical training through course projects and hands-on simulations, enhance their personal skills through guidance from industry-experienced instructors and group work, improve intellectual skills through course of study, learn technical skills from field trips and hands-on components. This program also provides students with the opportunity to gain relevant knowledge and practical skills in the hospitality field that will ultimately help them in finding a job in the hospitality industry upon graduation.

Certification at Completion:

  1. Extended Hospitality Management Diploma from Vancouver Premier College of Hotel Management
  2. Hospitality Management Diploma from American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI)
  3. Hospitality Operations Certificate From AHLEI
  4. Certificate of Specialization in Food & Beverage Management from AHLEI
  5. Certificate of Specialization in Rooms Division Management from AHLEI
  6. Twelve (12) Course Certificates from AHLEI
  7. Two (2) Workshop Certificates
    • Foodsafe Level I
    • Serving It Right

Note: Curriculum is subject to change without notice.

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